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Buying a HomeSteps® Home

 What You'll Learn

  • The FirstLook® Initiative offers homebuyers the opportunity to buy a home without competition from investors during the first 20 days of a home’s listing
  • Freddie Mac is committed to having the best property maintenance standards in the country
  • It’s easy to search for a HomeSteps® Home

One of the first places you may want begin your home search is with Freddie Mac's HomeSteps, the real estate sales unit of Freddie Mac. HomeSteps offers all types of homes for sale across the country with some attractive incentives. 

HomeSteps First Look

Freddie Mac's First Look® Initiative gives homebuyers the ability to purchase a HomeSteps home during its initial 20 days of listing (30 days in Nevada), without competition from investors. You don't need to be a first-time homebuyer as long as the home will be your primary or secondary residence.

The HomeSteps Difference

One of the ways HomeSteps assists you in buying a clean and well-maintained home is by requiring its supplier network to adhere to the HomeSteps Good Neighbor Practices. These include:

  • Maintaining a staff of Regional Area Managers who conduct random property inspections and provide listing brokers with scorecards on security of the home, exterior/interior cleaning, active utilities, and proper signage
  • Conducting regular communication and training with their listing brokers and property maintenance vendors
  • Empowering HomeSteps listing brokers to immediately address safety concerns

Finding a HomeSteps Home

  • Search HomeSteps listings. If you don't find the right one right away, set up a search to receive weekly emails about new homes that match your search criteria.
  • For more details or to see a home work with your real estate agent to get more information and arrange a viewing, or contact the listing agent identified on the property.
  • Making an offer on HomeSteps home is similar to buying any home and these 4 tips will help you during the process.

  Key TakeAways

  1. HomeSteps offers all types of homes, from single-family to condominiums

  2. HomeSteps lets you buy a home during a 20-day window without the competition from investors

  3. Making an offer on a HomeSteps home is similar to making an offer on any home


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