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Budgeting for Home Maintenance

Caring for and maintaining your home is an important responsibility. Regular upkeep can prevent costly problems from arising, make mechanical systems last longer, and have a positive impact on your home's value.  Maintenance will cost you time and money, but it can protect your home's value and ensure the comfort and safety of your family. 

To help you plan for home maintenance costs:

  • Set aside time and money. Once you move into your new home, you'll need to ensure you plan for the time and money needed to maintain your property, such as lawn care, annual deck cleanings, and duct cleaning.
  • Plan ahead for major purchases and home improvements. If you know your roof, for example, will need replacement in a few years, be sure to make this part of your savings plan now.
  • Take periodic inventory of your home's appliances, roof, decks, etc. Take note of when warranties end, the age of certain features, and when manufacturers recommend replacement.
  • Make sure your insurance is active and current. By maintaining an adequate amount of homeowner's insurance (generally the cost to rebuild your home if damaged or destroyed) you'll have the protection you need for serious damage or a disaster.

Over time, it’s likely you’ll face repairs or improvements that require professional help.  Keep these tips in mind when hiring a professional.

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