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Working with Your Lender for HARP

If your loan is owned by Freddie Mac, you have two options to refinance through HARP:

  • Working with your existing lender (the company to which you send your monthly mortgage payments) if they are participating in the program. Since they already have your necessary files and documents, there are fewer requalification steps unless your principal and interest payment goes up more than 20%. No new appraisal is required in certain cases.  Find out if your lender offers HARP.
  • Working with a new lender that participates in the program.  Because a different lender will not have your information or documents, they will need to requalify and re-underwrite your new loan. A new appraisal may not be required in certain cases. View our list of HARP participating lenders that may be able to work with you.


Use our interactive tool to see if you may be eligible for HARP

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