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Understanding Refinance Options

Understanding No Cash-Out Refinances

If mortgage rates have dropped since you took out your mortgage or if you’re looking to move into a different mortgage product that better fits your situation, talk to your lender about refinancing. 

Understanding Cash-Out Refinances

If you’ve built up significant equity in your home over the years and could use this money for home improvements or to improve your financial situation, talk with your lender about a cash-out refinance.  

Understanding HARP

If you have little or no equity in home and want to take advantage of lower mortgage rates, HARP may be able to help.  This federal program was designed for underwater homeowners and can help to put you in a more stable, secure mortgage.   

Refinancing Resources

 Success Story

HARP Success Story

Over 3 million families have benefitted from HARP. See how these families have been helped.


Am I Better off Refinancing?

Find out if you'll benefit from refinancing.

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