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Understanding Your Rights

As a tenant, you have important rights that protect your privacy, security deposit, the condition of your home, and you and your family from illegal discrimination. Each state has different rights, laws, and protections for tenants.

From the limit on your security deposit to rent control, your state has laws in place for your protection.  The more you are aware, the better. Get familiar with your rights.

Your rights generally include:

  • A clean and safe home that meets state and local building codes and health requirements.
  • A home with working heat and air-conditioning units.
  • Functioning water, hot water, and toilets in your home.
  • At least 24 hours notice for a landlord to enter your home, unless it’s an emergency. 
Never rent a home without signing a lease.  Review the lease carefully before signing and make sure you are fully aware of your responsibilities as a tenant.

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