5 Reasons to be Optimistic About Homeownership

June 28, 2018

After seesawing at around a 50–year low in recent years, the first three months of this year offered a glimmer of hope that the U.S. homeownership rate is ready to break out.

Now at 64.2%, the Millennial generation will play a key role in steering homeownership levels higher in the years ahead.

Yes, those Millennials. The ones chastised for spending too much money on avocado toast and glaring at their phones for hours at a time.

What else are the doing? Settling into their careers, entering their prime years to buy a home, getting married, and having children — all key actions that spark interest in buying a home.

But it's not just Millennials that have us anticipating an upswing in homeownership.

As we near the end of our month–long National Homeownership Month blog series, here's an infographic on why we're optimistic about homeownership in coming years: