Making the "Right" Choice

December 13, 2018

If you are looking to buy there is likely more than one "right" home for you—every property will have its pros and cons. Learning how to be selective is a process. You'll need to visit a variety of homes, compare styles and neighborhoods, and note what you like and dislike about each house. Take photos of the homes you visit and keep a short list of your favorites. To maintain an objective approach, always keep your housing goals in mind, and remember that it's ok to wait until something that suits your needs comes along.

For part two of our series on how to avoid common homebuying mistakes we are delving into decisions and when to make them.

Patience is a Virtue

When you enter a home, it is important to check your emotions at the door. House hunting is an exciting process, but no matter how tempting—it isn't a good idea to make an offer on the first house you see. Most experts say you should visit and consider at least 10-20 houses in your price range. Chances are good that for any home you like, there are similar properties worth considering. Viewing multiple homes allows you to compare key features and objectively think through your decision.

Overcoming Indecision

By comparison, being hesitant can be just as problematic for your search process. Whether you are facing a tough choice between two properties, or are reluctant to make the final offer, it is common for buyers to have trouble making up their minds. If you are indecisive, have an open conversation with your real estate agent before other buyers scoop up homes that fit your needs.

Timing is Everything

If you're currently renting, you should schedule your closing date so that it coincides with the end of your lease. Otherwise, you will need to be prepared to pay both rent and a mortgage. Don't sign onto a year-long lease if you are looking to purchase a home soon—and if you do plan to sign a lease, discuss your options with your landlord. They may consider a short-term lease or an escape clause.

Finding the right home is both an exciting and painstaking process, check out these tips to help you find a property that fits your housing goals: