The Nation's Rental Housing Leader, Quantified

February 08, 2018

2017 was a record–setting year for our rental housing business, Freddie Mac Multifamily. We were once again the nation’s rental housing finance leader, funding more rental housing units than ever before — 820,000 — including more than 680,000 units affordable for low–income and working families.

The highlights from 2017 are almost too many to count. Through innovation, records were set in many of Freddie Mac's product offerings and programs. In the midst of the current affordable housing crisis, we increased our financing to preserves affordable rental housing by 70 percent. We’ve dramatically grown our financing of smaller properties, which are nearly one–third of the rental market. And we’ve expanded our “green” business —which finances energy– and water–saving improvements that help lower operating costs, keep utility bills low and protect the environment—by nearly 500 percent. Meanwhile our innovative securities transferred billions in credit risk away from our balance sheet — and American taxpayers—to private investors.

In 2017, we showed the strength of our multifamily line of business. Our innovative products, underwriting and world–class securities helped bring financing to every corner of the multifamily market, preserve much–needed affordable housing, and transfer the majority of risk away from taxpayers.

Check out the infographic to see the numbers.