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Finding the Right Location

Whether you currently rent or own your home, you understand the importance of location.  It’s a key factor in determining how much you can afford, how long your commute will be, and if you’ll be near good schools.

Points to consider when determining your location:

  • Urban or Suburban:  Do you want the convenience and walkability of city life?  Or do you want a larger home with a yard, away from the hustle and bustle?
  • School Systems:  Even if you don’t have school-age children, it’s important to consider the local school system for resale value.
  • Proximity to your job, current and future:  Are you willing to make a 45 minute drive to work, or do you want a short commute – 15 minutes or less?
  • Access to Public Transportation: Do you need access to public transportation, to get to and from work, school, or your primary health care provider?
  • Property Taxes:  Property taxes differ from town to town and can affect your affordability and resale value.
  • Size:  If you can afford a $150,000 home but require four bedrooms and a fenced-in yard for your dog, you may need to consider homes further from a city-center.

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