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Understanding the Home Inspection

 What You'll Learn

  • It’s recommended that your home purchase is contingent on your home inspection
  • A home inspection will uncover virtually all issues with the home
  • The home may look good to you, but a qualified professional may uncover significant issues

The home you want to buy looked pristine and perfect every time you saw it.  So why bother with a home inspection?  It’s simple:  What if there is an underlying issue with the home that you aren’t able to detect, such as a major leak that could cost thousands of dollars to fix?



In your written offer , it's recommended that you make the home purchase contingent on the home inspection.

Home inspections are so important because they give you the opportunity to thoroughly inspect the home with a professional before you spend any of your hard-earned money to buy it.  Because of this, inspections are one of the most common contingencies in purchase agreements.

What Can You Expect:

You can expect a home inspector to climb on top of the roof, deep into the attic, and along the base of the walls.  Their job is to protect your investment and find any issues with the home, including:

  • The roof
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical components
  • Appliances
  • Heating and air conditioning systems
  • Ventilation
  • Windows
  • The fireplace and chimney
  • The foundation

After inspection, the home inspector will provide you with a detailed report outlining any issues and necessary, or recommended, repairs.

If you have a home inspection contingency in your purchase contract and major issues are noted in the inspection report, you can renegotiate the sales price, require the seller to make the repairs, or back out of the offer altogether.

  Key TakeAways

  1. Not having a home inspection can cost you thousands of dollars

  2. It is recommended that you have a home inspection contingency clause in your purchase contract

  3. If there is a crack in the foundation, mold in the walls or a non-functioning dishwasher, your home inspector will tell you

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