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Housing Counselors

What You'll Learn

  • Housing counselors are trained professionals and trusted advisors that will work with you for little or no cost
  • Housing counselors offer pre-purchase counseling services that can help you prepare for successful homeownership  
  • Housing counselors can work with you to better manage your debt, repair your credit, and help you find alternatives to foreclosure  

Housing counselors are trained professionals who help millions of people every year — at little to no cost.  They can help you improve your credit, manage your debt, and get ready to buy a home.  Or, if you're having problems paying your mortgage, they can provide advice and assistance, and help with contacting your lender.


3 Ways Housing Counselors Can Help

To find a certified housing counselor approved by the U.S.  Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD), call (800) 569-4287 or visit HUD’s web site for a list of agencies in your area.

If you’re having difficulty paying your mortgage, call the Homeowner's HOPETM Hotline at (888) 995-HOPE to reach trained housing counselors who provide free advice and help you develop a plan to avoid foreclosure.

Freddie Mac Borrower Help Centers

You can also find HUD-certified housing counselors at Freddie Mac Borrower Help Centers and the Borrower Help Network for in-person and phone assistance.

These housing counselors will work with you to prepare for homeownership and avoid foreclosure. Learn more

Trusted Advisors

Freddie Mac teams up with nonprofit organizations throughout the nation to help borrowers who are behind on their mortgage and need assistance. These organizations also help homebuyers with pre-purchase counseling, ensuring they are well prepared for successful homeownership.

Learn how these trusted advisors may be able to help you.

 Key TakeAways

  1. Get help you can trust to be — or become — a successful homeowner

  2. Speak to a HUD-certified housing counselor if you’re looking to buy a home or need help with your mortgage

  3. Consider reaching out to Freddie Mac Borrower Help Centers for pre-purchase counseling as well as alternatives to foreclosure

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