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Planning to Rent

Understanding the Timeline

Expect to spend a few weeks to a few months looking for a rental property. Knowing the steps to finding your rental home can help make the entire process go smoothly.

Understanding Who Will Be Involved

Only a few people are involved when you rent. In most cases, you’ll primarily work with a landlord on renting your home. You may also decide to work with a broker to help find a property.

Understanding the Documents Involved

During the rental application process, you'll need to provide a number of documents to show your income and rental and credit history. If you are approved as a tenant, you'll need to sign a lease – a legally binding contract that spells out all of the terms of your rental.

Understanding the Leasing Process and Costs

Knowing the details of the leasing process will help you get prepared and be able to move quickly when you find the right rental. Know in advance how much money you'll need to move into your rental home – and have it ready to give to a landlord.  

Renting Resources


Housing Counselors

Learn how housing counselors can help – from improving your credit to assistance with your mortgage.


Building Better Credit

Important steps to build and improve your credit.

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