Borrower notification letter FAQs

Did you receive a Borrower Notification Letter from Freddie Mac? Learn more about what it is and what you should do next.

Q: Why did I receive this notification letter from Freddie Mac?

A: By law, we’re required to notify you that your mortgage was sold to us. The letter includes more information about your mortgage as part of our continued efforts to promote long-term, successful homeownership.

Q: Should I send my mortgage payments to Freddie Mac?

A: No. There is no change to the way you make your mortgage payment. You must continue to send your payments to the company listed on your mortgage statement. 

Q: Do I need to take action on this notice?

A: No. This notice requires no action on your part. It is for informational purposes only. We recommend that you file your borrower notification letter with your other mortgage documents.

Q: Do I contact Freddie Mac if I have questions about my mortgage payment?

A: No. If you have questions about your mortgage or mortgage payment, please contact your lender/servicer (the company you make your mortgage payments to) using the contact information in the notification letter you received from Freddie Mac or on your mortgage statement.

Q: Why did my lender sell my mortgage to Freddie Mac?

A: We provide funds to lenders by purchasing mortgages from them. This creates a continuous source of mortgage funds that allows homebuyers to obtain financing. We maintain requirements for the mortgages we purchase through lenders/servicers. These activities allow us to fulfill our mission of providing liquidity, stability and affordability to the nation’s residential housing market. The selling of your mortgage to Freddie Mac does not change the terms and conditions of your existing mortgage loan, such as your payment obligations.

Q: Why is the balance in the letter different than the balance on my mortgage payment?

A: The original principal balance reflected on the notice was provided by your lender/servicer to Freddie Mac when your mortgage was originally sold to us. Any subsequent payments are not reflected in this notice. For more information on your current unpaid principle balance or your mortgage, please contact your lender/servicer using the contact information in the notification letter you received from Freddie Mac or on your current mortgage statement.

Q: Does Freddie Mac allow making or applying partial payments to my mortgage?

A: Your mortgage lender/servicer can answer any questions you have about your mortgage or mortgage payment. You can reach your lender/servicer using the contact information in our notification letter or on your mortgage statement. 

Q: Will I continue to receive correspondence from Freddie Mac?

A: Freddie Mac relies on our lender/servicer to keep borrowers informed on issues related to their mortgage. However, if there is a regulatory requirement or government mandate, Freddie Mac may be required to notify you.

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