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Learning Paths

  • CreditSmart® Essentials: This is a course series that covers everything from building good credit and savings to car buying. You can set your goals and track your progress while you learn at your own pace.

    Complete Homebuyer U for homeownership education or if you need a certificate to qualify for certain mortgages.

  • CreditSmart® Coach: This interactive experience will help you become a certified facilitator for the CreditSmart financial capability curriculum.

  • CreditSmart® Homebuyer U: This path will help you prepare for homeownership, whether you're ready to buy or still exploring your options. Homebuyer U is also for those who need a certificate to qualify for a HomeOneSM or Home Possible® mortgage.

  • CreditSmart® Military: This path teaches current and past service members how to prepare financially for deployment, avoid targeted financial schemes and learn to manage money while in the military. 

  • CreditSmart® Multilingual: CreditSmart offers resources in multiple languages, including Spanish. Download the materials, visit our online resources and check back for additional translations!

  • Learn more about the full CreditSmart® suite of financial and homeownership education resources.