Education has power, and it’s in your hands with CreditSmart’s free housing and financial capability resources. Whether you're renting a home, on the path to homeownership or saving for the future, the CreditSmart suite of financial education resources has something for you.

Learning Paths

CreditSmart® Essentials

CreditSmart Essentials is a customizable and free online course series that has all the tools and lessons you need to help achieve your financial goals, while you learn at your own pace. 

CreditSmart Essentials is also available in Spanish.

CreditSmart® Homebuyer U

CreditSmart Homebuyer U is a comprehensive education course to help you prepare for homeownership, whether you're ready to buy or still exploring your options. The course offers six modules focused on money management, credit, getting a mortgage, the homebuying process and preserving homeownership. 

Homebuyer U is also for those who need a certificate to qualify for a HomeOneSM or Home Possible® mortgage.

CreditSmart® Military

CreditSmart® Military provides resources to help current and past service members prepare financially for deployment, avoid targeted financial schemes and learn to manage money while in the military. 

CreditSmart® Multilingual

The CreditSmart suite offers resources in multiple languages, including Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese and Korean. Download the materials, explore our online resources.

CreditSmart® Coach

This interactive experience will help you become a certified facilitator for the CreditSmart financial capability curriculum.

Learn more about the full CreditSmart suite of financial and homeownership education resources.


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