Whether you are looking to buy or already own a home, we have a brochure to help you achieve your homeownership goals.

Step-by-Step Mortgage Guide (Español, 中文, Tiếng Việt, Korean, Tagalog)  
Understand the mortgage process, from application to closing.

Choosing the Mortgage Option for You    
Learn more about the types of mortgages and the option that may be best for you.

Building Better Credit    
Learn about the important steps to build and improve your credit.

Getting Back on Track after Foreclosure    
Learn how to pick up the financial pieces after you’ve lost your home to foreclosure.

Caring for Your Home    
Understand the importance of maintaining your property and how to plan for the unexpected.

Avoiding Foreclosure     
Learn how to identify the early warning signs and pursue alternatives to foreclosure.

Considering a Refinance? (Español  
Learn the four things homeowners should know and do to get started refinancing a mortgage.

Refinancing Your Mortgage FAQ (Español  
Find answers to frequently asked questions about refinancing your mortgage, including time frames, costs and shopping for a lender.

The Ultimate Guide to Renovating Your Home   
Learn more about each step of the renovation process.

5 Things You Should Understand About Your Lease   
Learn more about what you should look for before signing a lease agreement.

The Costs of Renting   
Take a closer look at the up-front and recurring costs of renting a home.

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