Your home's value

Homeownership has many benefits - one of the biggest being the opportunity to build wealth over time.

Why is homeownership so important for America's families? It's simple. Owning a home provides an opportunity to create financial stability, promises independence and instills a strong sense of pride.

The ability to create a space to call your own and that works perfectly for your family is invaluable. But let’s focus on the long-term financial outlook here — specifically how the value of your home can change over time.

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Equity and appreciation

As a homeowner, you can create financial stability by building up equity over the years — a critical part of homeownership. You'll do this by paying down your mortgage (through your monthly mortgage payment) and your home's appreciation over time.

More about equity and appreciation
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To stay on top of the equity you’re building through your monthly mortgage payments, you’ll need to learn about your amortization table. This valuable table outlines every monthly payment you’ll make and its contribution toward equity. Equally important, it will show the real cost of the home at the end of your loan term. 

More about your amortization

Our founding fathers linked the notion of property ownership to security, a stake in the ground and general happiness. Homeownership remains the cornerstone of the American Dream — providing families with a sense of emotional and financial stability and, historically, boosting household wealth.

Maintaining your home