Search Results

Below are examples of the most commonly used search options.

Searching for this... Finds files that...
car test contain both words car and test.
loan (extension:doc OR extension:xls) contain the word loan and the file extension doc or xls.
"Knowledge is a matter of seconds" which contains exactly the expression knowledge is a matter of seconds.
jobs AND Texas contain the words jobs and Texas.
homes (Virginia OR Maryland) contain the word homes and containes either Virginia or Maryland.
calculators NEAR tools contain the word calculators near the word tools.
guide NOT multifamily contain the word guide and not the word multifamily.

You can also filter results by common metadata.

  • limit search for "lender" to item titles title:lender

  • limit search for "lender" to "xls" files lender extension:xls

  • limit search for "lender" to a part of the url path lender path:buying

  • limit search for "lender" to only lender

  • limit search for "lender" with multiple options title:lender extension:pdf path:buying

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