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Our online credit education and financial literacy curriculum can be your guide to better credit, money management and responsible homeownership.

  1. Module 1: Your Credit and Why It Is Important (en español)

    Get a solid understanding of your credit -- what it entails and why it matters.

  2. Module 2: Managing Your Money (en español)

    Learn about the importance of developing a spending plan and developing wise spending habits.

  3. Module 3: Goal Setting (en español)

    Find out about the importance of setting goals to reach your financial objectives.

  4. Module 4: Banking Services: An Important Step (en español)

    Get valuable information on the basics of banking and the importance of establishing a presence.

  5. Module 5: Establishing and Maintaining Good Credit (en español)

    Learn how to establish a credit presence and maintain a good credit history. 

  6. Module 6: Understanding Credit Scoring (en español)

    Learn more about how lenders look at credit scores and how your behavior affects your score.

  7. Module 7: Thinking Like a Lender (en español)

    Get an understanding of how lenders determine your creditworthiness.

  8. Module 8: Avoiding Credit Traps (en español)

    Get valuable information on how to avoid fraud, including identity theft, and predatory lending practices.

  9. Module 9: Restoring Your Credit (en español)

    Learn how to deal with credit difficulties and get tips on how to restore impaired credit.

  10. Module 10: Planning for Your Future (en español)

    Understand the process to achieve your goals and attain financial security.

  11. Module 11: Becoming a Homeowner (en español)

    Get practical information on how to prepare to obtain a mortgage and own a home.

  12. Module 12: Protecting Your Home Investment (en español)

    Get valuable information on ways to protect your largest asset, your home.