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Finding the Right Home

Finding the Right Location

You've likely heard "location, location, location" and there’s a good reason why. Your home's location is intrinsically tied to how much you can afford and its resale value, if and when, you decide to sell.

Understanding Types of Homes

A key factor in finding your home is determining what type is right for you.  Does working in the garden and mowing your lawn on the weekends sound appealing?  Or, do you prefer the low-maintenance lifestyle condominiums can offer? 

Buying a HomeSteps® Home

Turn to HomeSteps®, Freddie Mac’s real estate sales unit, when looking for your new home. HomeSteps offers you a variety of desirable and affordable Freddie Mac-owned properties with the opportunity to buy before investors. 

Buying a Short Sale

If you’re including short sales in your home search, be sure you understand what they are and how they work.  It’s also important that you’re a flexible and patient buyer as the purchase process can take more time than a typical home purchase.

Buying Resources

 Did You Know

Did you Know 40% of today's homebuyers are making down payments that are less than 10%?


How Much Can You Afford?

Research how much house works within your budget.

The Latest in Buying


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