Giving Credit(Smart) Where It's Due

November 09, 2018

We recognize the sacrifices military families make including moves, deployments and other uncertainties that can make navigating economic waters challenging.

Whether you're a veteran or active service member, our CreditSmart Military Financial Readiness course provides practical information to support lifelong money management skills.

The module is an easy–to–understand information guide to help you prepare financially for deployment, avoid financial schemes that target military families and manage your money wisely. It also takes a look at the Department of  Veterans Affairs home loan program.

Why Your Credit Matters

Your credit score is one of the most important factors to qualify for a loan; it helps lenders decide the likelihood that you will repay your debt. Credit Scores range from 300–850, the higher generally the better, and are based on a multitude of factors:

  • Your payment history
  • The amount of debt you owe
  • How long you've used credit and how you've managed it
  • How often you apply for new credit and take on new debt
  • The types of credit you currently use

Your credit score and accompanying credit report signifies your creditworthiness to lenders and the likelihood that you will repay your loan obligations, such as your mortgage.

Servicemembers and military families are required to expect the unexpected. Learning strong lifelong money management skills can help you feel confident about your financial health no matter what unanticipated obstacles arise.

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